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Mag-Con 2018: A Marketing Tradition Like No Other

Step Up Your Marketing Game with Insights from Mag-Con 2018: A Marketing Tradition Like No Other

As Mag-Con 2018 comes to a close, we’re gearing up for a full year of innovation in marketing. The digital world is rapidly changing. Keeping up with the times and the technology means collaborating with other experts in the marketing world. Mag-Con gives an opportunity to do just that. By bringing together industry experts and creating open forums for discussion, ideas, and innovation, Mag-Con is creating real movement in the industry.

Let’s delve more in-depth into the particular insights Mag-Con 2018 offered into industry advancements. These are a few of the highlights from this year’s keynote speaker, Jared VanderMeer:

Why Metrics and Analytics Don’t Always Work to Measure Marketing

“Everyone tries to make marketing a science. We all do it. But every time we look at the metrics and the analytics of marketing and judge how it’s being perceived by the customers, we always seem to be a couple steps behind. That’s because customers are continually finding new ways to get access to information and access to our products. And we have to try to stay a couple steps ahead of them.”

The age of digital has been fast-acting. Growth in marketing tools and products has been exponential. Within the last decade, we’ve had to work harder to stay ahead of our customers. The more technology we add, the more likely we are to add layers of complexity to our strategies.

As Jared explains, adding complexity to marketing is not necessary – it’s not even desirable. We need to go back to the basics and keep marketing simple. It’s the only way we’ll remain nimble enough to last through the next decade of exponential innovation.

Missing the Target of Touchpoints

“If you’re trying to build your brand, it’s not always about selling. It’s about trying to capture and build up your brand value with educational and informational content.”

Small business owners are typically focused on an ROI (return on investment) strategy for marketing. However, this misses the opportunity to build a brand using subconscious touchpoints, which offer more longevity. A subconscious touchpoint is not a conversion tool; it’s a valuable informational piece that puts your products top of mind for future purchases. Subconscious touchpoints don’t necessarily result in instantaneous sales, but they’re important in your content because they drive a brand forward over time.

Going Above and Beyond with Digital Artistry

“The issue right now with brand unity is that everybody is doing it. Its 100% necessary, but it’s no longer making you stand out as a business. We believe in something called digital artistry… How can you create powerful content that captures your audience’s attention and makes it so that your brand stands out against the competition?”

Digital artistry means going the extra mile to create content that people connect with on a deeper level. The issue with digital artistry is that it takes extra effort and time. Many businesses and marketers will ask themselves “is the investment worth it?”

Let’s go back to the stats to answer that question. Digital artistry is, arguably, the cornerstone for your brand’s success. In what Jared refers to as a “trickle-down effect,” digital artistry can help create all the returns you’re looking for. Going the extra mile with your content means you’ll be building out your SEO, your brand image, your views, your content’s authority, your conversions, and so much more. All of those positive effects are within your reach. It only takes a little extra effort and investment to make it happen.

Want to learn more about digital artistry and why it’s important? Watch the full-version Mag-Con 2018 video on YouTube for yourself to find out why you need digital artistry for your brand or clients.

Mag-Con 2019 for Marketers and Businesses

The marketing tradition like no other will continue with new speakers and new technology next year. You won’t want to miss Mag-Con 2019.

Have your say in the industry. Learn more about how to get involved with Mag-Con by getting in touch with us. And, in the meantime, join together in the digital artistry movement!

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