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Mag-Con 2019 is primed to build on the success of the 2018 conference. It will be a day full of marketing insights, networking and provided drinks, lunch and dinner!

On a rudimentary level, the success of any marketing strategy is based on a commitment to a vision, research and strategic plans; but with the online world changing so rapidly, how fast does your research stay relevant, or is your strategy still working?


Mag-Con is a conference designed to bring business owners and marketing professional together from around the world to discuss these rapid changes, what is new, and what can impact your digital presence.

Date, Time and Location


Conference Schedule

Mag-Con 2019 will run through an entire day, with scheduled information sessions, Q&A’s and networking breaks.

10:00-11:00  Signup and Registration

11:10-12:00  Lunch and Networking

12:05            Opening Video Presentation

12:10-12:40  Presentation 1 (TBD)

12:50-1:20    Videos for Social Media (Omid / Yousaf)

1:30              Music Video Presentation

1:40-2:10      The Ripple Effect (Yuvraj Verma)

2:20-3:10      Intermission and Networking

3:20              Video Presentation

3:30-4:00      Planning for Success (Tim Sweet)

4:10-4:40      Presentation 5 (TBD)

4:50-5:30      Capitalize on Digital Content (Jared VanderMeer)

5:40              Closing Video Presentation

5:40-7:00      Supper and Networking


Growing your marketing network is hard to do, we have found that marketers protect their knowledge and trade secrets. Mag-Con was designed to change this, by sharing marketing knowledge and making sure we can all keep up with the rapid changes in the social and online world.


Mag-Con offers the unique opportunity to network with professionals, sponsors and companies that attend the conference. Scheduled networking breaks are used to make sure that your day comes full of knowledge and a healthy exchange of business cards.

Your business is your Life.

Whether you are in the startup or exit phases of your business cycle, making business decisions is never easy. Mag-Con is a conference that will provide an opprotunity for networking, marketing insights and offers ways to help grow your business.