from the marketing conference hosted in Edmonton, AB, Canada


As Mag-Con 2018 comes to a close, we’re gearing up for a full year of innovation in marketing. The digital world is rapidly changing. Keeping up with the times and the technology means collaborating with other experts in the marketing world. Mag-Con 2018 gaves an opportunity to do just that, to network and to grow your marketing knowledge. 


By bringing together industry experts and creating open forums for discussion, ideas, and innovation, Mag-Con is creating real movement in the industry.

Highlights from the Day

A Networking Event

Growing your marketing network is hard to do, we have found that marketers protect their knowledge and trade secrets. Mag-Con was designed to change this, by sharing marketing knowledge and making sure we can all keep up with the rapid changes in the social and online world.


Mag-Con offers the unique opportunity to network with professionals, sponsors and companies that attend the conference. Scheduled networking breaks are used to make sure that your day comes full of knowledge and a healthy exchange of business cards.

A Simple, Effective, Digital Presence.

A modern business requires a strong digital presence to get noticed. Your website or social profiles is now typically your first point of contact with your customers... and first impressions matter.