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Mag-Con is a Digital Marketing Conference in Edmonton, Canada each year that is designed to bring marketing professionals together to discuss the changes in marketing that we are seeing every single day.


The age of digital has been fast-acting. Growth in marketing tools and products has been exponential. Within the last decade, we’ve had to work harder to stay ahead of our customers. The more technology we add, the more likely we are to add layers of complexity to our strategies.

Digital and social is getting crowded, and it is hard to stand out. One of the discussions that will stay constant at the conference, is how to create digital art to standout online.

Digital Artistry and marketing is, arguably, the cornerstone for your brand’s success. It creates a “trickle-down effect,” that helps develop a brand. Going the extra mile with your content means your brand image, your views, your content’s authority, your conversions, and so much more will see results. 

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Behind the scenes in 2018.


Learn, network and grow.

A modern business requires a strong digital presence to get noticed. Your website or social profiles is now typically your first point of contact with your customers, and we all have to stay ahead of the digital curve in any way that we can.


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The Magnolias Business Consulting Service Groups head office is located at Suite 2020, Tower 1, 10060 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 3R8, CA, with service regions that include Canada, USA, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia, India and most other International Countries.

Suite 2020, Tower 1, 10060 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 3R8, Canada

Contact Magnolias Business Consulting Edmonton by phone at 1-844-888-6488. Magnolias is a business management consulting, management systems, digital marketing and conventional advertising agency in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and works with clients from around the world.
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